maandag 26 oktober 2015

Vollemaan 27 oktober 2015

Tomorrow, with the earthly Full Moon at 3 degrees of Taurus, we have a great opportunity to master the art of descending our Divine spark into our physical realm and start using this inner Force that runs through all of us to create new worlds, life experiences and the magic that makes all of our soul desires as well as resources tangible. It is time to balance the aspect of us who is Divine in Essence with our human one by remembering that our main aim is not just to ascend but to descend our Divine Light, power and magic into our physical vehicles it is only when we do so that ascension truly occurs.

On one hand, we have the Taurus Full Moon energy, which is in fact all about cultivating the earthly side of us who brings into fruition our inner visions and that is essential to nurture as well. And on the other, we have the sun in Scorpio, inviting us to navigate into our inner realms. So we have two "opposite" forces sending us the message to merge both of them as equal aspects of Creation and both essential to our human experience, so we can channel the inner wisdom and all the visions that Scorpio offers us into our physical Plane as Taurus invites us to do. Full Moons are all about the end of a cycle but this one is going to be more focused on our sense of abundance and physical sense of stability, as Taurus is all about making tangible what we have given form into the invisible world and honoring the part of us that is One with nature and that is essential as well to embody the perfect equilibrium and peaceful state of being.

It is also a Moon that will help us to connect with the feminine energy of Mother Earth that nurtures and sustains us in our earthly Plane and that purifies our bodies after this intense integration phase. It is an opportunity, and even more with the Venus/Jupiter conjunction, to become aware of what it is that we could shift to feel more abundant and secure in our earthly lives and learn how to be the creators of our own resources in our physical plane, remembering that abundance is a form of love and it is only when we understand that nothing comes to us if we first do not love every single aspect of what we are, do and create, that we can truly feel abundant beings in the physical.

I wish you all a blessed Full Moon in Taurus filled with infinite abundance and joy!
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